PassionThe Writing Project is an exclusive website for NECC students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The works featured are for the NECC community and were written in response to a specific writing assignment. The featured essays are the culmination of each student’s participation in the writing process, attendance in class, and instructor’s support.

Every essay goes through a rigorous selection process before publication on this site. Essays are vetted by instructors, sent to the Writing Project Review Committee, and are selected based on merit, quality, and distinction. These essays are outstanding examples of what it means to write from personal experience, illustrate persuasive and robust argumentation, and display solid research and analysis on a variety of original and exciting topics.


Source-based Source-based Essays

Most of us have had difficulty with source-based writing at some point. College-level writing demands that we learn how to integrate the voices of others into our own writing. With that in mind, source based essays give students the opportunity to enter into an academic conversation on a variety of topics. Students read what others have said, form and write their own opinions, while synthesizing the thoughts of others. While these essays can be persuasive, expository, or exploratory, they require students to find a balance between their own ideas and the ideas of other writers. Students must use citation conventions like MLA or APA format to attribute information, ideas and words that they took from other writers, whether it is quoted or paraphrased.


PersonalEssayPersonal Essays

Everyone has experiences that inspire his or her writing. Personal essays allow the writer to use those experiences as material for self-expression, growth, reflection, and understanding. For teachers, these essays are useful because they are like dynamite, giving students raw material to shape, explore, and discover their voice and craft their ideas.


MapObjectiveCourse Objectives

Want to know what each NECC composition course is trying to accomplish? Ever wonder what you need to know by the time you pass your writing course? The Course Objectives tab answers those questions, providing a broad view of what NECC writing courses are doing across the curriculum.


SubmitSubmitting to the Writing Project

All published works on the Writing Project are submitted by NECC students, who feel they have written a high quality or original essay. 
At the end of each spring semester, the Writing Project Review Committee selects the best essays in each genre. Students are then notified and asked to sign a release form, permitting The Writing Project to publish their essay on the site.

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